Centre Philosophy
Mission Statement: To provide high quality childcare in a safe and educationally rich environment.

At Kimberley Kids Early Learning Centre we believe in providing an environment that is secure, caring, loving, nurturing and free from bias. We strive to create an environment that is welcoming and warm to families and a light hearted workplace for all educators and support staff.

Kimberley Kids adheres to all regulations set out under the Education and Care Service National Law Act 2010 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011. We strive to exceed National Quality Standards in all areas of operation.

We believe that all children should be treated with equality, and their cultural and linguistic diversity embraced and acknowledged. We aim to provide a diverse program that reflects both group and individual needs. Through ongoing observations and evaluations, we aim to provide enriching experiences that encourage and promote learning and development. Our pedagogy is guided by practice, principles and learning outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework 2009, focusing on individual children and each care group.

Our program is inclusive of children with special needs. Curriculum and plans reflect the individual child's needs and where appropriate resource workers are utilized. Children engage in a balance of active and quiet activities, as well as rest time each day. A variety of indoor and outdoor experiences are provided. Meals and menus are fresh, nutritional and well balanced. Safe food handling and hygiene practices are observed at all times. Children's self help skills and independence are encouraged. The educators encourage and assist with meal times, dressing, sleeping, toileting and nappy changing. Positive encouragement and reinforcement are used as tools to direct and promote behaviours, through this we aim to build high self-esteem and self worth.

We believe the natural environment is vitally important in children’s learning and development. We love being outside in the beautiful tropical weather and connecting with nature. We incorporate equipment and resource made from natural materials and recycled where ever possible and value resourcefulness and ingenuity.

We are continually developing our Centre Philosophy to ensure it is relevant to current practice, research and educators working at the centre.

Centre Goals
  • Develop enriched experiences through a dynamic approach to early learning
  • Support the development of all children
  • Provide a non bias, culturally inclusive and diverse learning environment
  • Use innovation to foster relationships with and gain involvement from families
  • Actively contributing to the community in a meaningful way
  • Be a leading provider of early learning services
  • Maintain a positive, light hearted and fun work environment for all employees
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