Our Programs
0 – 18 months Babies Room Program
The focus of our program is to gently introduce babies to our experienced carers in a loving environment following routines that you have established at home. We introduce babies to early stage social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills at their own pace. We do this through fun filled stimulation with lots of cuddles!

In our fun and nurturing environment our babies develop a sense of themselves and who they are in the world. Through play babies experience music, art, language – including expressing needs and wants, big and small muscle activities, imaginative play, play with other children, confidence and independence.

18 months – 2.5 years Toddler Program
Toddlers are naturally very curious. We create opportunities for them to learn through independent exploration of our planned learning environment. Our centre provides for learning opportunities in all developmental areas including; constructions and puzzles to stimulate mathematical thinking, role playing to foster an understanding of our community, art to supply early writing skills and a book corner to encourage a love of reading.

Our team’s thoughtful interactions during play balances your child’s need for playing autonomously and wanting to be close to a trusted adult. Your child during this development period will actively acquire language through our playful reading of books, singing and carer guidance.

All children will rest and enjoy meals following the room routine and with assistance will gain confidence and experience in self help skills including feeding him/her self, toileting, dressing and decision making.

2.5 – 3.5 years Pre Kindy Program
The pre Kindy program is a further extension of our Toddler Program, as children move onto the next stages of development, with increased awareness, concentration and oral communication. Both rooms follow similar daily routines, with the Pre Kindy room further exploring independence, self help, problem solving  and learning through play. Care givers foster children’s development of specific friendships and assist them in finding their place in the dynamic of the group.

3.5 – 5 years Kindy Program
Kimberley Kid’s Kindy program is designed to give all children the best social, physical and intellectual skills required to easily join their respective schools in the coming years. Our program focuses on promoting individual and small group confidence in all areas including: language and literacy, numeracy and problem solving, motor coordination skills, concentration and emotional adjustment, independence and life skills.

The Kindy program has been specifically designed to ready children for school, with our qualified educators using observations, anecdotal records and input from families to develop individual planning for your child. We work with and support each family and child during your transition to school.

OSHC Program
The OSHC program had been developed around the principles of the My Time, Our Place framework for school aged care. Activities include themed days; cooking, sports, science, art and craft.
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Quality Assurance – Assessment and Rating
As part of our commitment to openly benchmarking ourselves against the highest standards, Kimberley Kids chooses to participate in the National Quality Standard, the new national benchmark for the quality of education and care services. We undertook our second assessment and rating visit in July 2017 and received a 'Meeting'' rating, an emprovement of our first assessment. We are working hard to imrpove our practises to gain an 'Exceeding' rating next assessment. The seven quality areas in the National Quality Standard are:
  •     Educational program and practice
  •     Children’s health and safety
  •     Physical environment
  •     Staffing arrangements
  •     Relationships with children
  •     Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  •     Leadership and service management.
Our Quality Improvement Plan is in the parent information magazine rack inn our foyer.
For more information go to the ACECQA website http://www.acecqa.gov.au